Irrigation Installation & Service


Luxor Landscaping Inc has Technicians on staff who provide constant and frequent monitoring of timers and valves on all of the properties we manage. Proper irrigation management requires an understanding of the entire system and how to make it operate efficiently.

Irrigation management technicians should check timers to see that they are programmed correctly, adjust watering schedules appropriately for the season, perform a system test to note all areas in need of adjustment, and prepare a detailed written assessment of all findings.

You may think of landscaping as being nothing more than a combination of plants and useful spaces, but our experts at Luxor Landscaping Inc know that it takes much more than that to have a fully functional Landscape. In addition to the plants, Tree Trimming, Landscape design, and landscaping maintenance, we offer the following irrigation and lighting solutions that will help you maximize the enjoyment of the outdoor part of your home:

A lawn's / Plants beauty is only as good as its underlying irrigation system - your plants need water and without the right sprinklers or other irrigation devices, those trees and flowers that make your landscape so attractive could fall victim to drought. Our irrigation planning stage takes into account the various plants that make up your landscape ecosystem and returns a customized, easy-to-use answer that ensures your plants will get the right amount of water during all seasons

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  • Irrigation system design
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • System repairs, rebuild or upgrade
  • System mapping and appraisal
  • Correcting coverage deficiencies
  • Conversion to drip systems
  • Minimizing pressure loss
  • Water conservation recommendations
  • Irrigation water wells
  • Grading property slope to maximize irrigation
  • Time clock programming and timer adjustment
  • Modifications to valve zones or sprinkler head spacing
  • Repair or replacement of timers, sprinkler heads, valves and mainline pipes
  • Monthly irrigation system inspections and monitoring